View the List of Approved Contractor Licenses in the State of Maryland


Definition of Contractor – per COMAR (Code of Maryland Regulations)

Contractor means a person or individual, other than an employee of a video operation licensee, who contracts with a video lottery operation licensee or other person to:

(a) Manage or operate a video lottery facility;
(b) Provide security for a video lottery facility;
(c) Perform service, maintenance or repairs of a video lottery terminal, table game device, central operation system, associated equipment, or software;
(d) Own or control a person described in subsections (a) and (c) of this section;
(e) Provide junket enterprise services;
(f) Provide any other service that is essential to operation of a video lottery facility.

COMAR, .14 Contractor Licenses states:

A. General. If a video lottery operation licensee engages a contractor to provide services described in COMAR, the contractor shall qualify under the standards and provisions set forth in State Government Article, §§9-1A-07 and 9-1A-08, Annotated Code of Maryland.

B. Qualification Requirements. The Commission may find a contractor qualified if it has provided the Commission with sufficient information to establish by clear and convincing evidence that it has:

    • (1) Qualified under State Government Article, §9-1A-07(c), Annotated Code of Maryland; and
    • (2) Not been disqualified under State Government Article, §9-1A-08, Annotated Code of Maryland.

C. The Commission may charge a contractor for the administrative costs associated with performing a background investigation.

D. Application and License Fees.

(1)  The application fee for the Commission’s qualification of a contractor is $1,500; and
(2)  The license fee for a contractor is $2,500; and
(3)  The required background deposit fee is $2,000*
*NOTE:   If the required background deposit fee is exhausted prior to the
completion of the investigation, the applicant will be billed for any
additional investigative costs incurred by the Commission. Conversely,
if any portion of the required background deposit fee is unused, the applicant will be refunded the difference.

E. Term; Renewal; Fees.

(1) The term of qualification is 5 years.
(2) The Commission may renew the qualification if, before the expiration of 5 years, the contractor:

    • (a) Applies to renew qualification;
    • (b) Continues to comply with all qualification requirements;

(c) Submits to a background investigation under Regulation .05 of this chapter; and
(d) Pays a renewal fee of $2,500.

NOTE: License and application fees are due at the time of application. They are non-refundable.

F. A contractor is exempt from:

(1) Bond requirements under Regulation .15 of this chapter; and
(2) Labor peace agreement requirements under State Government Article, § 9-1A-07(c)(7)(v), Annotated Code of Maryland, unless the contractor is engaged:

    • (a) As a lessee;
    • (b) As a tenant.