The following information is extracted from COMAR (Code of Maryland Regulations),
Title 36 Maryland State Lottery and Gaming Control Agency,
Subtitle 3 Gaming Provisions,
File 36.03.02 Investigation and Licensing,
Section 17 Vendor Registration and Certification:

C. The following persons that provide any of the enumerated services to a video lottery operation applicant or licensee are exempt from vendor registration and certification requirements:

(1) Public utilities that provide:

(a) Water;

(b) Sewerage;

(c) Electricity; or

(d) Natural gas;

(2) Insurance companies that provide insurance to a video lottery applicant or licensee or its employees;

(3) Employee benefit and retirement plans, including 401(k) plans and employee stock purchase programs;

(4) Professional associations that receive funds from the video lottery applicant or licensee for the cost of enrollment, activities, and membership;

(5) Units of federal, State, county, or municipal government;

(6) Manufacturers of alcoholic beverages;

(7) State-chartered or federally chartered banks or savings and loan associations;

(8) Providers of professional services, including accountants, attorneys, engineers or architects, and others identified by Commission staff to be providers of professional services;

(9) Telecommunication, satellite, or internet services;

(10) Shipping services;

(11) Persons that engage in efforts to influence legislative or administrative action on behalf of a video lottery operation applicant or licensee for economic consideration;

(12) Educational or training opportunities for facility employees;

(13) Professional entertainers, sports figures, or other celebrities engaged by a video lottery operation licensee to appear at a licensee-sponsored entertainment or promotional event;

(14) Representatives of a media outlet or provider of a simulcast service;

(15) A vendor that provides, or anticipates providing, within a calendar year a combined total value of nongaming related goods and services to State video lottery operation applicants or licensees of less than $9,999.00; or

(16) A vendor for whom the Commission determines registration or certification is not necessary in order to protect the public interest.