Renewal Process for Non-Gaming Vendors

For questions related specifically to the Renewal Process for all Registered or Certified Vendors,
please contact Ms. Teresa Amann at:

Per COMAR (Code of Maryland Regulations) – .17 Vendor Registration and Certification – Sections H, I, and J:

H. A Vendor’s Registration or Certification:

(1) Remains in effect for 5 years from the date the Commission approves (the original date of) Registration or Certification;

(2) May be RENEWED by the Commission if the applicable (Vendor) Form, and any required fee, are submitted as required under … this regulation at least 90 days before the expiration of 5 years from the date of the (original) written notification (to the Vendor of their original approval);

(3) Shall automatically expire if a Vendor does not comply with RENEWAL requirements under this regulation; and

(4) Is subject to cancellation by the Commission if the Commission determines that the Vendor’s continued conduct of business with a Video Lottery Operation (casino) application or licensee is contrary to the public interest of the State or the policies in State Government Article, Title 9, Subtitle 1A, Annotated Code of Maryland, or this subtitle.

I. The Commission’s decision to deny or cancel a Vendor Registration or Certification does not give rise to an appeal right under the contested case provision of the Maryland Administrative Procedure Act.

J. The Commission may maintain and make publicly available a list of:

(1) Registered and Certified Vendors; and

(2) Vendors that are prohibited from doing business with a Video Lottery Operation (casino) applicant or licensee because the Commission had denied or cancelled their Registration or Certification.


To obtain updated Vendor Registration and Certification Forms, please go to

See the headline entitled NON-GAMING VENDOR FORMS
Click on the appropriate [PDF] Form to complete.

Note also the headline entitled NON-GAMING VENDOR LINKS which section contains 2 links which may be of some assistance to you:

Vendors – A “How To” Guide
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