Maryland Casinos Generate More Than $14.5 Million in Revenue During May

The Maryland Lottery today announced revenue numbers for the state’s two casinos — Hollywood Casino Perryville in Cecil County and the Casino at Ocean Downs in Worcester County. May 2012’s combined statewide revenue totaled $14,553,458.31, an increase of $1,259,249.54 over May 2011 or 9.5%.

Hollywood Casino Perryville generated $10,092,596.70 in May, and its gross gaming revenue per machine per day was $217.05 for the month. In a year-to-year comparison, Hollywood Casino’s May 2012 revenue increased by $486,157.23 over May 2011 or 5%.  The Casino at Ocean Downs generated $4,460,861.61 in May, and its gross gaming revenue per machine per day was $179.87. The Casino at Ocean Downs’ May 2012 revenue increased by $773,092.31, or 21%, over May 2011. A detailed breakdown of May 2012’s fund disbursement, fiscal year-to-date totals for the individual casinos and the combined state total are as follows:

Gross Gaming
Total May
Total FYTD
Hollywood Casino
May 2012
Hollywood Casino
Ocean Downs
May 2012
Ocean Downs
TOTAL 100 $14,553,458.31 $153,677,530.57 $10,092,596.70 $110,118,334.17 $4,460,861.61 $43,559,196.40
Education Trust Fund 48.5 $7,058,427.28 $74,533,602.33 $4,894,909.40 $53,407,392.08 $2,163,517.88 $21,126,210.25
Casino share 33 $4,802,641.25 $50,713,585.15 $3,330,556.91 $36,339,050.30 $1,472,084.34 $14,374,534.85
Horse racing purse account 7 $1,018,742.08 $10,757,427.14 $706,481.77 $7,708,283.40 $312,260.31 $3,049,143.74
Local impact grants 5.5 $800,440.21 $8,452,264.17 $555,092.82 $6,056,508.37 $245,347.39 $2,395,755.80
Race tracks facility
renewal account
2.5 $363,836.46 $3,841,938.27 $252,314.92 $2,752,958.35 $111,521.54 $1,088,979.92
Maryland Lottery 2 $291,069.16 $3,073,550.55 $201,851.93 $2,202,366.66 $89,217.23 $871,183.89
Small, minority, and
women-owned business
1.5 $218,301.87 $2,305,162.96 $151,388.95 $1,651,775.01 $66,912.92 $653,387.95

The Maryland State Lottery Commission is responsible for all matters relating to regulation of the state’s slots program. In this regulatory role, the Maryland Lottery oversees all internal controls, auditing, security, surveillance, background investigation, licensing and accounting procedures for the facilities.

  • Guest

    Can you break this down even further? The good people of Cecil county want to know. What local impact grants are given out? Why is the money going to government agencies like police? What are you doing for the local youth? It seems that the money is really going to things that the residents do not know about. We only wanted a casino in our area to help with education,taxes and programs that the youth and elderly need. How about coming clean and telling us a long breakdown of where the cash is going to. I think the FBI should check ito this. We know what the money is supposed to go to. We just want a clear explanation not a table graph.

    • Anonymous

      Guest: Thank your for your comment. Local impact grant funds (5.5% of all slots revenue) are distributed to Cecil County on a monthly basis. In FY2012 thus far, over $8.45 million dollars has gone to the county. Once the grant funds are released to the county, Cecil County has full control and authority over how it is spent. We would recommend contacting your County Commissioner’s Office at 410.996.5201 or your local elected officials for more information on how the funds are utilized.