Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Commission Approves Suitability For Three Prince George’s County Casino Applicants

The Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Commission (Commission) today unanimously determined that three Prince George’s County applicants were suitable to pursue the state’s sixth casino license. The applicants are: Prince George’s Racing Ventures, LLC (Penn National); Maryland Casino, LLC (Greenwood Racing); and MGM National Harbor, LLC.

The licensing division of the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency (MLGCA) conducted extensive background investigations of each applicant and presented its findings to the Commission at a hearing held at the agency’s office in Baltimore. State law requires background investigations to assess the financial capabilities and stability of potential casino owners as well as their integrity and good character.

MLGCA Director Stephen Martino noted the thoroughness of the licensing team’s work: “The agency’s efforts were tireless, comprehensive and altogether professional. It included more than 4,500 hours of thorough due diligence, including scores of interviews and countless conversations with regulators and law enforcement officials from nine U.S. and international gaming jurisdictions. It is through this meticulous work that the commission felt confident in approving all three applicants as suitable under the law.”

The Commission will submit its written decisions to the state’s Video Lottery Facility Location Commission, which will continue its work on awarding the Prince George’s County casino license soon.

Executive Summary – Prince George’s Racing Ventures, LLC (Penn National)

Executive Summary – Maryland Casino, LLC (Greenwood Racing)

Executive Summary – MGM National Harbor, LLC